Registration Forms & Information

Registration Forms & Information

To be eligible to attend Kindergarten children must be five years of age by the last day of December in the year they wish to register for Kindergarten see Administrative Procedure 300 Admission Age of Students.   You will be required to complete the forms included in the "Getting Ready for Kindergarten Package".

Grades 1 to 8
If your child already attends school within Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools, he/she will be automatically registered at the same school for the following year and you do not need to re-register your child however the school will provide a verification of registration to ensure they have accurate information on file.  In cases where your child is transitioning from elementary to junior high or junior to senior high school, your child will be automatically registered in the appropriate school according to WRPS school boundaries.

If you are new to the division, you must complete FORM 320-1 Student Registration Form, and if applicable FORM 320-2 Aboriginal Eligibility Form and remit it directly to the school in which you wish to register your child.

This registration form is a legal document.  It must be accurate and complete. 

Before a student can be registered by a school, a student registration form must be completed in its entirety and signed by the parent or guardian, or by the student (if living independently).

The student registration form is used to enroll a student who is new to Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools, or who is returning to the district.

It is also used to record important information changes, such as changes to:

·       Legal name of the student or parent or guardian

·       Legal relationship of parent/guardian to student

·       Entitlement to francophone rights

School of Choice
Families have the right to choose a school other than their designated school.  Refer to the School of Choice section of this website for more information.

Registration Forms

320-1 Student Registration Form
140-2 Technology Responsible Use Agreement K-3
140-1 Technology Responsible Use Agreement Grades 4-12
320-2 Aboriginal Eligibility Form
180-1 FOIP Release Form & Notice of Activities