Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness

Norwood School practices cultural awareness everyday. Everyday students have the opportunity to smudge, students in grades 7 & 8 have volunteered to be smudge leaders and role models guiding younger students in smudge practices. The basic Cree language is being taught and shared through out the school with students & staff. This year we will learn how to sing O Canada in Cree.  Character Building is supported through the Tipi Teachings what teachings each pole means and why we need these teachings in our lives. Also the Medicine Wheel will have more teachings to share throughout  the year.  Sharing Circle will be always be used to resolve conflict with each other.

With the knowledge of several elders and cultural advisor's students will have a better understanding of indigenous culture. Students will have the opportunity to create dream catchers, lanyards, more earrings now that they have some idea on how to bead. The school has a drum group of young boys taught by Mr. Kevin Littlechild, from grades 1-8, which meet weekly for practice.  They also contribute to our monthly assembly's by drumming in all the students into the gym. Like last year they will attend other schools in our region that requires drummers.

I welcome parents/guardians to volunteer in assisting me several projects.  If there is any dancers that would like to come teach students the art of dance that would be wonderful.

If you have any questions or contributions please feel free to call the school at 780-352-3782 or text me at 780-312- 0598

ehkameyikmot never give up! Everyday is a new day and a chance on a New Life!

Hai Hai

Maskwacis Wahkotowin Liaison

Mrs. Gloria Rogers/Buffalo